Its definitely that time of year, the Summer wardrobe has been firmly shut away and long sleeves dresses, cashmere and other cosy bits are in their place.

I wanted to introduce you to our new collection of dresses that are comfortable, soft to the touch, have the must have animal print pattern and a ruffle or ruche for a feminine twist.

I’m wearing the Clementine dress in pink and I must say I feel a million dollars. Plus there’s plenty of float in the dress for all the cake I’ve been eating. I’m preparing for Winter (I tell myself!)

Clementine comes in shades of pink, blue and black. The length is a perfect mid-calf so that you don’t end up trampling on the hem in the predictable rain that is ever apparent in the UK in Autumn/Winter!

We currently have 5 different dresses in stock:

I hope you love them as much as I am enjoying floating around in them!

Don’t forget to check out our cashmere to layer up in preparation for Winter.

I love this time of year!

Love Toria xxx

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