Orange Velvet Bow Headband


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Orange Headband with Velvet Bow; Check out our statement bow headband in bright orange.  One size fits all.


Orange Velvet Bow Headband;  Check out our statement bow headband in bright orange. Who wants to hide in a crowd? This headband fits all size heads.  This headband would look fab with our Gold and Orange Crackle Effect Trainers.



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Machine wash inside out, preferably on a COLD wash at no more than 30 degrees.

Dry flat.

Do not tumble dry. 

For Cashmere Products:

Hand wash using a detergent designed for cashmere, wool or delicate fabrics.

You can also launder on a hand wash cycle, no more than 30 degrees.

Try and de-pill your garment with a cashmere comb before washing it.  Pulling is a natural process caused when fibres and yarn rub against each other and forms small balls.

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